Our Story

We’ve come a long way, from trying to find the right solution for our family with allergic problems to perfecting our formula
for every family seeking a healthier living environment. Join us in our journey for your loved ones.
The Reason We Started

Pipper Standard started with a problem in our own home. Peter Wainman, our founder, faced terrible allergic reactions caused by chemical cleaning products prevalent in the market.

Together with his wife, they searched for a solution – one that can clean their home effectively, and be safe for their family. Driven by concerns about the negative impact of chemicals on health, Peter Wainman and his family decided to create household products from nature.

Years of Research

It was not easy to develop a safe and effective natural product. We went through many years of research and development, and thousands of experiments, to find the right formula. Knowing that our families would be using these products, we wanted to make them as perfect as possible.

Finally, we managed to invent fermentation technology that gave us Pineapple Power – a unique pineapple fluid full of natural enzymes, organic acids, bio surfactants and natural preservatives.


And if you were wondering about the name, well, that’s simple. “Pipper” is Peter’s childhood name his mom calls him, a nod to our family values, and “Standard” represents the standard we would use for our own families.