Save the World

We owe so much to nature and would like to take the right steps to give back to nature and protect the source of our goodness.
Eco-friendly Production All the Way

Pineapple is biodegradable and forms the foundation of our products.

As a clean-tech company firmly focused on sustainability, our production process is carefully managed to fulfill our environmental responsibilities.

We source pineapples from local farmers and ferment the pineapples. Waste from our fermentation process is given back to nourish the environment. The filtered skin and crust becomes animal feed and the manure produced will be used by farmers to grow crops. The waste water from this process is treated to help nurture our agriculture.

Recyclable Packaging

Green is our color, but it’s also our goal, and this starts with our packaging made from high-density polyethylene. This means that our bottles are recyclable. We recycle the waste from our bottle manufacturing process and use it to make gift baskets.

In addition, we work with a Green Industry Seal certified manufacturer to mix and package our products.

We’re Biodegradable

As we only use natural ingredients – more than 90% of our laundry detergent safely biodegrades in 28 days, according to Thailand Textile Institute’s test report.

This is just the beginning of our green journey.
We know we have a long way to go, but we hope you’ll join us in taking simple steps
to make our environment safer for ourselves and our loved ones.