Our resolution

Our products are more than just about cleaning your house
and doing your laundry.
They’re about love – simple, honest love for our home and yours.
Our products are carefully created with natural ingredients.
Pineapple Power

We rely on nature to take care of dirt and dust – particularly, on the power of pineapple as a natural ingredient. In fact, our products clean just as well, or even better, than chemical cleaners. So, say goodbye to harmful chemical ingredients!

Our fermentation technology brings out the power of pineapples, to form natural enzymes such as Bromelain, numerous organic acids and bio surfactants that fight against naughty stains and stubborn dirt, to keep your home always safe for you.

Safe for Skin, Safe for Home

Using natural products that are safe for your skin does more than keep skin rashes and eczema away. It keeps your home safe and reduces chemical impact on the environment, so that everyone from your nature-loving neighbor, to your sensitive-skinned toddler feels good, in a clean and healthy environment.

Safe for Babies

We created products from our family’s love and care for our son. That’s why we’ve taken great consideration to make products that clean very well; yet, are safe for babies. They’re gentle, with the cleaning power to remove stubborn stains and spills.

Healthy and free of known allergens

In today’s world, we’re increasingly facing many forms of allergies . When selecting ingredients for our products, we refer to the T.R.U.E. test, an allergy patch test approved by the US FDA. So, we’re proud to say that our products are free of known allergens and have no harmful skin irritants like parabens and isothiazolinones. We’re made for sensitive skin and suitable for the whole family, including babies.

When Nature meets Technology

We remain committed to our roots with nature. We combine natural ingredients with our patented pineapple fermented fluid. Our key ingredient comes from local pineapple farms in Thailand, where growers share the same goals for quality produce. We are proud to support Thai farmers and help provide more sustainable income for their families. This is an important aspect of our mission to improve people’s lives through nature and technology.

Natural in Every Way

The appearance of our liquid products may vary due to our natural ingredients and formulation. Like many natural products, sediments, separation and color change are common because we do not add harmful synthetic emulsifiers, often found in chemical-based cleaners. Simply ‘Shake Well’ before use and rest assured that the cleaning efficacy will remain the same in every Pipper Standard product.